Packing and Moving Hacks to ease your move


As your shifting date comes closer, the thought of packing, lifting heavy items, finding secure transport facility, finding the right day to move, etc. will add on to the financial, mental as well as physical pressure, as you are not so practiced in this field.

We understand that packing and loading all the possessions to make it ready for a secure relocation is nobody’s favorite activity. Even though it’s full of complicated and time-consuming tasks, you will have to handle all of these to complete your relocation successfully without damages.

We have seen many people become confused during relocation mainly about- how to pack and shift their valuables; it would be frightening to look at all the items you’ve gathered over the years. That’s why it’s essential to have a well-planned strategy to start and finish your move without any interruption during your entire shifting process.

There’s no need to be hassled anymore as we have some great Packing Moving Tips and Tricks which will help you complete your shifting tasks correctly. You will also be free from last minute hassle, and you can save money, time, and energy.

  • Plan your relocation at right time

It’s important to schedule your move at the right time since you will end up spending more to move during peak shifting seasonslikeweekends and month-ends, andvacation times. Many people shift in this time for many reasons like time freedom, end of lease agreements, and kids’ vacations in schools, etc.

Once you have decided to shift, start planning your move immediately, so that you have sufficient time to complete your relocation correctly. If possible, plan to move on weekdays or mid of the month to save money and time.

  • Sorting and Decluttering is necessary

Careful packing is the key to finishing your relocation withoutdamagingyour belongings, but the number of items you have to move is the main factor on which your shifting cost will depend. It’s easy to save money with a little organization before your move, and you will free from massive load headaches.

So, remember to sort and declutter all your unwanted possessions before packing your stuff, to be free from heavy loads and decrease your relocation quotes. This will help you to pack all your necessary things quickly, and you will be prepared to shift in no time.

  • Get suitable packing supplies

You should never compromise while buying packing materials; you’ll need the right kind of boxes according to the type of possessions you are planning to relocate. Search for free packing materials and boxes from any liquor store; also,ask your friends and neighbors if they have so that you can get good packing supplies without investing much.

It’s safe to pack all your belongings in a durable box, to relocate them safely without a single scratch. Using sufficient and sustainable packing supplies will aid you to provide complete protection to all your items during shifting.

  • No need to unpack all your drawer

If the drawers belong to you, and you are planning to relocate them to your new home, there’s no need to unpack all your drawers at the time of moving them.

You can quickly wrap sets of all your drawers securely enough, so the drawers won’t come out during transportation. With this smart strategy, you can save loads of time, energy, and money needed to unpack all your items and then again packing them in another box.

  • Use durable tapes to seal your cartons

Another great and safe hack to relocate your items with complete protection is to seal all your packed boxes with durable masking tape. Not only is it the best to assure safety to your packed possessions, but it’s also suitable for keeping boxes closed during your entire relocation process.

It will not only save your items from any damage but also minimize the mess and danger during transportation if in case any accidents happen during your relocation. So, just ensure safety of your things by sealing your packed drawers and containers with durable tape and be stress-free.

  • Label all your boxes wisely

Labeling all your packed containers will help you quickly recognize which items are packed in which carton, and which box belongs to which room. So, if you invest a little bit of time in labeling them properly, you can save lots of time later and also be free from any confusion while unpacking them at your new house.

  • Don’t forget to pack an Essential bag

It’s true that relocation always takes more time, sometimes longer than you expect; that’s why it’s good to pack an essential bag with all your essentials, which you need immediately after moving in.

Therefore, be prepared and pack all your necessities like – kids clothing and food items, toiletries, beddings, water, etc. to be ready to live comfortably at the new place.

  • Hire a suitable shifting service provider

One of the safe and secure ways to complete all the above-discussed tasks is to hire a professional top packers and movers in Pune who can perform your upcoming move with excellent results. Genuine moving service provider are well-trained and proficient to handle your relocation tasks from beginning to end by packing, lifting, transporting, all your items with complete protection.

All you must remember at the time of selecting any movers is to do a full inquiry about the relocation company before hiring. You can quickly check their previous feedbacks posted on well-reputed websites like Assure Shift, Mouth Shut, etc. to get complete information about the relocation company, which will help you to hire trustworthy movers without wasting too much time, money and energy.

It’s true that shifting companies are quite busy during the peak season; that’s why you should plan in advance and hire them in advance to experience a secure relocation time.

We hope the above-discussed ideas will help you to move comfortably, by removing all your last minute relocation hassle, by planning your move accurately as soon as possible.

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