Podium Steps – The Ultimate DIY Platform


While the traditional stepladder is a very useful apparatus, it does lack many things, and the very top platform is not only small, it is also unstable. Working at the apex of stepladders requires a level of dexterity, and one is unable to store anything on the top flap, as this is only just wide enough to take a person. Many DIY enthusiasts will not start their climb until someone has their weight on the lower rungs, as this greatly improves stability and anchors the equipment in place. Applying any pressure while standing on stepladders is risky to say the least, and with the laws of physics stating that every force has an opposite equal, bearing down on a screw could cause your platform to tip backwards.

Podium Steps

As the name suggests, the podium steps have a large platform at the top, and with a wide base, the working platform is very stable and does not require a person to anchor the unit to the ground. Painting ceilings can be a one man job with a set of podium steps, and they even have a waist high guard that prevents a fall. If you would like to browse a selection of top quality units, why not check out podium steps from the experts at Toptower, the UK’s leading supplier of access platforms.

Telescopic Access Platforms

There are some units that have extendable legs, which can be individually set to any specific height, which makes working on uneven surfaces much safer. These are equally effective at home or on the building site, and that extra 100 cm really does make ceiling level working so much safer and easier. The very top of the steps – the podium – is wide enough for you to place paint pots and roller trays next to you while you work.

Mini Stabilisers

All podium steps are fitted with mini-stabilisers, which really do improve stability and negate the need for an extra pair of hands on the ground. The thin legs slide down to the required level and with a twist, they are locked into place, and when it comes to moving the unit, the light weight makes this effortless. If you would like to purchase a set of podium steps, the best way is to shop online, as the online supplier usually offers their goods at lower than retail prices, and with a secure online payment, the item will be dispatched to your home address in no time.

Quality Products

As with your tools, if you want real value for money when buying steps, it pays to go for the best there is, and this will ensure that your platform will always be ready for use, whatever the weather. There are several leading manufacturers of scaffold towers and podium steps, and by choosing a well-known brand, quality is not an issue.

Once you have experienced the ease with which these podium steps, you will never again want to climb those wobbly stepladders, and all your DIY projects will be finished on time.

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