Reclaiming Classic Lumber


The wood used for your furniture is the foundation of making great furniture. There are many different types of lumber that have a variety of benefits. Pine is a very fast-growing lumber; therefore, it is versatile and affordable. The older growth hardwoods are very resilient woods that have very deep and attractive grains that come only from long lives spent growing. If you want a wood that has character while also being affordable, you should consider reclaimed timber. Reclaimed wood is great because it not only looks great, but also because it spares the environment. Instead of having to cut down another tree, the manufacturers of great furniture will take old wood that has been used for different purposes and use it in new ways.

Reclaiming Barns and Barrels

Reclaimed wood can come from many different sources; manufacturers of great furniture in SK14 tend to have multiple sources for such wood. The most common sources are old houses, old barns, and other pieces of furniture. Whiskey and wine barrels are also popular because they take on the colours of the alcohol that was once stores in them. Old barn and house wood tends to develop deep colours and patina that can’t be replicated. It can only come from time and weathering.


The repurposed wood is cleaned and sanded to a smooth finish, and then carved into its appropriate shape. Finally, it is finished with a sealant that will keep it looking great for years. Reclaimed wood, when properly cared for, will last just as long as freshly-cut lumber. It’s a great way to save the environment some stress.

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