Restore the Appearance and Value of Your Treasured Furniture


You probably have your personal reasons for holding onto an item of furniture that’s somewhere in your home. It may be one chair that’s been in your family for generations or a table with similar emotions attached that’s just as beautiful and practical as anything you could purchase new. The problem with older furniture is that it tends to develop structural and appearance issues as time goes by. Even the sturdiest of older items can become less reliable and less attractive with the passage of time.

Invest and Restore

Fortunately, there are specialists who can help you bring your old furniture back to life with careful attention to both structural integrity and the appearance. If you have emotions and memories attached to a chair or table and you just can’t bring yourself to abandon it, you may want to talk with a member of the team at Kendals Restoration. These professionals will use their extensive knowledge of restoration methods, both modern and traditional, to repair damaged items, repair loose joints, refinish, wax, colour scratches, and perform exquisite wood turning, veneering, and carving.

Skilled crafters can work with your dining tables, chairs, sideboards, desks, cabinets and more, with services including upholstery, desk leather lining, and many other repairs, no matter how the damage occurred. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts because you believe that your furniture is too large or too small, too modern or too old. Quality furniture with loose joints, faulty hinges, or fire or flood damage can all be restored by individuals who have a passion for restoring furniture in a time-honoured way.

First-Class Results

You’ll get results that meet or exceed the expectations of the most discerning individual, including marquetry, inlay work, cabinet making, carving, and many other skills. Work with the leading provider in this special sector and you put more than three decades of experience to work for you, saving gorgeous and treasured furniture using many of the traditional skills and techniques that you thought were lost to the ages.

When you talk to a member of the team, be sure to ask about French polishing, often the final aspect of furniture repair, that can be used to restore the appearance and colour of your item. You’ll appreciate the way the appearance is enhanced and you’ll also benefit from the value added by meticulous crafters.

Visit the website to learn more and call to talk to a representative about your furniture restoration needs. Be sure to ask about collection and delivery services, free quotes, and site visits. You’ll be working with specialists who are fully insured. If you have a wood-and-leather armchair that you’d love to hold onto and continue to use or a beautiful sideboard that’s served the family for decades, why not work with experts who can give them a new lease on life?

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