Reviewing Modern Trends in Kitchen Design


Because of innovations in design, you can choose from one of the various cabinet or countertop finishes or materials. Besides standard veneers and gloss finishes, you can also select from glass doors for cabinets, porcelain or concrete for countertops, or spray lacquer or wood veneer cabinetry. Hard-wearing cabinet veneers often are chosen for households that include small children. Mix things up a bit and have fun while you decorate.

For example, concrete kitchen countertops complement custom cabinetry. The use of concrete allows homeowners to select from various colours and textures. Concrete outlasts most other countertop surfaces because of its durability. Therefore, you never have to worry about dents, dings, or stains.

Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain countertops in handmade kitchens in Bury St. Edmunds also represent more than a passing trend. Porcelain, which is a unique choice, also proves to be a stylish upgrade. The material is made from a type of clay that is composed mainly of the mineral kaolinite. Other minerals, such as silica and feldspar, add to porcelain’s colour and strength.

A Natural Stone Look

When making porcelain slabs or tiles for countertop use, the kaolinite clay is treated with a glaze before heat is applied. Glazing pigments can also be included during fabrication to create a natural stone look with the colours resembling marble, slate, or granite veining. You can also choose porcelain slabs that feature hues that remain consistent throughout the material.

Stronger Than Granite

Although porcelain is synonymous with fine china, it does not mean that porcelain is fragile when used as a countertop. In fact, the durability is nothing short of outstanding. Porcelain is stronger than granite. This added strength is realised during the firing or heating process. Therefore, porcelain resists assaults that lead to cracks, scratches, or chips.

The slabs are also lightweight. Usually, countertops made of porcelain are about five millimetres thick. However, you can obtain slabs in other thicknesses. Because the slabs are thinner and lighter, they also work well as panels or backsplashes in kitchen designs.

A Spray Lacquer Finish

Concerning cabinetry, you can customise the finish by using spray lacquer as an application. Of all the clear finishes that are used, lacquer offers several advantages. Not only is the finish easy to apply but it is also easy to remove. The clear coat brings out the beauty of wood. It is also available in coloured finishes and is featured in various sheens from ultra-matte to a high-gloss look.

You can also boost the looks of your kitchen with cabinets made of wood veneers. Veneers made of wood are applied to plywood or particle boards. These types of surfaces are popular as they are easier to match with the rest of the cabinetry. Also, they can be varnished, stained, or painted for protection and for enhancing a kitchen’s décor. To get more Kitchen Design tips go here.

Before you choose to upgrade your kitchen, it is nice to review some of the options that are available today. Contemporary styling adds to a kitchen’s functionality and its streamlined appeal. Besides choosing from the various finishes and materials, you will also want to review some of the options in handleless cabinetry or similar linear looks.

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