Reviewing the Benefits of Tiles That Are Made of Natural Stone


Natural stone materials are ecologically sound choices for homeowners who wish to make upgrades to their kitchens, bathrooms, or flooring. So, if you are thinking of making an upgrade, you can make quite an impression when you choose to replace flooring or backsplashes with tiles made of natural stone.

Indeed, tiles made of natural stone are both unique and distinctive as each piece is made by nature. Therefore, you can be assured that this type of upgrade is not a template design. Nature’s art is a special one-of-a-kind expression. Some of the popular natural stones include sandstone, slate, granite, marble, limestone, and travertine. Each of these stones have their own unique attributes and maintenance requisites.

A Timeless Beauty

When natural stone tiles in Middlesbrough are featured in homes, they add a timeless beauty that cannot be duplicated. Although Middlesbrough is known for its industrial economy, the appearance of natural stone seems to offer a nice contrast to this urban locale. This type of stone material also adds to the perceived value of a property and ensures the durability of flooring and countertops. If natural stone is scratched, you only need to repolish the material to revitalise its appearance.

However, you do have to keep in mind that this type of material does need to be sealed in order to resist oils and acids. Nevertheless, this small requirement cannot take away from the value and beauty that natural stone adds to just about any area in a house. Plus you can buy tiles of this type at a lower price when you purchase them from retailers such as Discount Tiles.

Granite Tiles

When making a choice for natural stone tiles, you should review several pieces of the material before it is installed. One of the popular tiles that is used today is granite. This very durable stone has certain cleaning requirements. To give you an idea of its strength, granite has been used in the past in the commercial field. Therefore, this type of natural stone has been incorporated in high-traffic areas. The stone can stand up to any type of element, including increases and reductions in hot and cold.

Granite, which is about 98% stain-resistant, can be cleaned with a mild biodegradable dish soap or powder that is lightly scented. You can rinse and then dry these types of tiles with a chamois or flannel cloth. Sometimes people who are choosing natural stone tiles want to know the difference between granite and marble as these two stones can be confused.

Defining the Differences in Marble and Tile

The main difference between granite and marble lies in how they are made. Whilst granite forms deep within the core of the earth, marble develops from seabed sediments. Both become stone materials after several millennia. Because the mineral composition of the two stones differ, they will also react differently to household cleaners or certain chemical substances. You can find out more about care information from tile stores, such as Discount Tiles.

Granite is one stone that is simply difficult to damage. If any damage does occur, the stone can be repaired with a sealant and ground chips of the stone. You can review this stone as well as other types of stones when you learn about tiles online. Carefully consider your choice based on the stone’s durability, features, and overall maintenance requirements. Also, review the stain-resistant qualities of a stone and what makes it specifically unique.


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