Roofing Advice: The Best-Rated Materials for Flat Roofs and Adjoining Structures


If you live in southern England and find yourself in desperate need of high-end roofing materials for a fast-approaching project, it can be difficult to hone in on the most fitting options, particularly if you’re switching over to a new type of roof.

A Quick Look at Three Highly Sought-After Roofing Styles

Finding affordable roofing materials in Torquay is one thing, but making the best decision for the project in question is an entirely different concept. You need to zoom out and consider the architectural makeup of the property—whether the roof is flat or pitched, and which option will amplify your pound-for-pound ROI. Consider the details about the following three popular roofing styles:

  • EPDM Rubber Roofing: EPDM rubber is fabricated from almost 100% salvaged materials, and it uniquely redirects solar heat while synchronously boosting insulation during the winter season. Repairs are fairly simple and cost-effective to facilitate, but the initial installation process can be tricky, as it is contingent on the overhead appliances and configuration of the roof.
  • Fibreglass: Also referred to as GRP roofing, fibreglass is comprised of resin, matting, a topcoat, and personalised trims. It is seamless and watertight, making it a fantastic option for schools, industrial facilities, and office buildings.
  • Polycarbonate: Made from a very resilient, lightweight, and impact-resistant thermoplastic composite, polycarbonate is the ultimate solution for conservatories, terraces, carports, sheds, and other surrounding features, and offers a very economical way to complement flat roofs with good-looking, low-cost coverings.

Working with Only One Supplier Will Help You Reduce Your Budget

Rather than spending loads of time and effort visiting several independent merchants to source your necessities, you can cut down on your project outlays by up to 20% by ordering all of your compulsory goods from one purveyor, so be sure to shoot an email to your local roofing sales expert today.



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