Should I Build My Own Home Bar


Adding a bar to a home can not only add sparkle to the everyday living experience but, if done properly, value to the property. There are many ways to approach such a project including do-it-yourself options.


A home bar has the potential to not only be a place to make and enjoy drinks but also provide a focal point for social and family gatherings. A home bar can be very simple, just a cupboard with a surface on which to make drinks and serve them. At a more sophisticated level it can be a striking feature that adds sparkle and “wow” factor to a room. With careful thought, the right design and quality construction a home bar can impress as well as serve a practical and functional role in the home.

There are several questions to ask before embarking on building a home bar: is it intended as a permanent feature? How large does it need to be? What style will it be? What is the budget? And for those considering building it themselves, do I have the necessary skills? There are many DIY sites that offer designs, ranging from very simple to more sophisticated options.


At the simplest end of the spectrum is the home bar that is a small stand-alone counter with storage space beneath it. There may be room enough to place a couple of stools in front of it or perhaps even for someone to stand behind it and serve drinks. Construction will be simple and it will be easy to move and dispose of or re-locate. This is fine for those who do not want to spend much on the project and want a simple place to store drinks and glassware.

Around the middle of the home bar design spectrum is the larger, more sophisticated project. This would normally involve a larger and more substantial bar with a more elaborate design and more solid construction. It will have more storage and may even have power for lights and a refrigerator or wine cooler. Building this kind of bar will of course involve larger financial expenditure and a range of skills including design, woodworking, finishing electrical wiring and so forth. This type of bar will be a more permanent fixture and may involve mounting various hardware on the wall behind it such as optics or shelving.

At the other end of the spectrum is the sophisticated home bar that becomes a permanent feature of the home and adds real value to a property, not just to lifestyle but in material terms. The bar will compliment the style of a home with a considered and appropriate design and theme. It will have power, lighting, wine coolers and ice-making facilities. Building this type of a home bar can be challenging and it is worth consulting and engaging the services of a company experienced in design and construction of bars such as Dawnvale at

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