Smart Strategies for the Modern Homeowner


If you own a property in the UK, you will already be aware of the various repair services that you might need, and it is always a good idea to source and store, emergency plumber and electrician numbers in your smartphone, as you will one day be very glad you did. While repairs are a fact of life, they can actually be minimised by regular maintenance and inspection checks, and this can be attained at very little cost. If you are new to the property ownership game, here are some useful ideas on how to keep things running smoothly.

  • Establish a Connection – List the essential services you might need – electrician, plumber, roofing contractor, and so on, then with some selective searching and browsing online, you can compare quotes – especially for emergency call outs – before finally settling on one and storing their contact details. You might, for example, need an appliance fixed, and there is Bosch washing machine repair in Birmingham from A&A Appliance Care, a leading company in reliable domestic appliance care.
  • Carry Out Regular Visual Inspections – The roof, for example, should be inspected on a weekly basis, looking for a blockage in the guttering, or any dislodged roof tiles, as this will avoid expensive repair bills. Your local roofing contractor would pop round on a regular basis and clean out the guttering and downpipes, while inspecting the entire roof structure for wear and condition.
  • Take Out Extended Warranties – This applies to all the major electrical appliances you own, and although it costs a little more than the regular warranty, it will cover you in the event of a repair, and most electrical appliance suppliers would offer a package of extended warranties, so you only pay for the cover you want. The washing machine, tumble dryer, oven and fridge can all be covered with an extended warranty when purchased, and while you might take care of the appliance, it could go wrong at any time.
  • Composite Materials – When making home improvements, try to avoid timber and other materials that require maintenance, and opt for aluminium, uPVC and other composites. This will also give you durability, and with no upkeep, your valuable downtime will be your own. It’s amazing what can be done with glass nowadays, with frameless balustrades and shower units, and this fit and forget approach will leave you with little or no maintenance issues.
  • Annual Contracts – The local landscape gardener isn’t only there for patio builds, and for a small fee, he will come round periodically and trim your trees, cut your hedges and even mow the lawn if you wish. Any overhanging branches that might compromise power cables can be nipped in the bud, thus avoiding costly roof repairs.

All of the above will certainly minimise repair bills, and with extended warranties, repair costs will be covered for most of the time. There is no choice sometimes but to call in an expert, and one can reduce the frequency with regular inspections.


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