So Many Great Reasons to Choose Wood Burning Stoves


You may be tempted to get in touch with a supplier of quality wood burning stoves, have them deliver and install the stove, and then sit back to enjoy the warmth and comfort on a cold evening. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, even if you say that you made the purchase because you’ve always wanted to heat a room or two with wood. In fact, that’s the best reason for making this decision.

But you may not realise that there are several other great reasons to heat with wood that aren’t related to the comfort of your family members and guests. When you read why so many homeowners are choosing freestanding wood stoves, you’ll come across several reasons, depending on the individuals. At the top of the list is the unmatched feeling of being able to relax and warm your bones near a log fire. As mentioned, that’s the best reason.


Apart from the physical warmth that comes from burning wood, you will also add to the atmosphere, the charm, of your den or living room when you have a cosy fire going. Have you also considered that using wood to produce heat means that you’re earning “green” points because wood is a renewable resource, more so than gas or electric heat? Industry figures even show that wood produces much less air pollution in the form of carbon dioxide than other fuels. So wood has less impact on the environment.

As for cost-efficiency, logs are the better choice because burning wood is about 65% to 70% efficient, compared to many central heating systems that struggle to deliver 50% efficiency. The wood burning stove uses as much of the combustible material as possible to produce maximum warmth. These few examples should be enough to convince you to get in touch with a provider of quality wood burning stoves in Cambridge. You may even find yourself bragging to friends and neighbours about how you’ve saved up to 50% on your energy bill since you installed your wood burning stove.


In addition to the many energy-saving and energy-producing benefits, you’ll also find yourself feeling more self-sufficient when you provide the wood for your stove and heat water for tea with this fuel. You may even find yourself taking the advice of a professional who offers quality stoves and begin planning for the installation now. In fact, this is a great way to make the installation process move forward more smoothly.

But, as you plan, make sure that you understand exactly how you’ll use your wood burning stove, which will help you decide the best location within your room. Is this addition going to be the centrepiece for appearance reasons more than for maximum heat? If so, your decision process will be different. You’d be wise to talk with a representative of the stove supplier to get the details right.

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