Space Saving: 5 Ideas to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Bigger


A small bedroom is quite challenging to design and decorate because a large essential piece consumed most of the space, the bed. However, not because you have a large bed in a small room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style.

By following some simple design rules and color schemes, you can make the small space bedroom appear bigger without compromising the design and style.

1. Work on the Walls

Light colors reflect the light making the room seem brighter and enhance the feeling of space. Dark colors absorb light and tend to close in making the room feel smaller and more constricting. For the walls, opt for light colors and stay away from the dark one.

Use monochromatic colors throughout the room as it creates fluidity and space. Using different or opposite colors will make the room feel smaller as they will segment off portions of the room.

Paint the trim slightly lighter than the wall such as the doorframe or ceiling. It will make the walls look farther away giving your room feel roomier.

Be creative with the walls that create an illusion of more space like a genuine fake books wallpaper or a single bold piece of art. It helps create a focal point in the room giving it structure and depth.

2. Use Space Saving Furniture

The less furniture you have in your bedroom the bigger it will look. Raise your bed with risers and store your clothes beneath. You may also keep the bed on the floor and use only one small table as the only piece of furniture. If you choose to put the bed on the floor, make sure you choose the one with an excellent mattress reviews to ensure it will last longer.

You can also purchase beds with built-in storage to maximize the space. Utilize folding desks and chairs so you can store them when not in use. Built-in bookshelves are also great as it gives you extra storage without adding a chunky furniture.

You can also opt for daybeds so you can transform them as a couch during the day. Daybeds are best if you are living in a studio.

3. Bed Position Matters

Placing your bedroom against the window creates a focal point that makes the viewer skip the headboard thus, creating a sunnier and airier room. You can make storage with your headboard by creating built-in nightstands and adding a hanging pendant eliminates the need for a table lamp.

Instead of wasting a few inches for the headboard, you can make the wall your headboard itself which help you save a few inches of space.

4. Mirrors are the ultimate illusion

Mirrors visually expand the rooms. Adding some mirrors on a bare wall will make it look bigger. It does not only reflect light but also creates depth or height especially the angled mirror. Closet mirrors are the most common but you can also place it near the window to give a wider sense of space.

5. Drapes Matter too

If you don’t have a floor to ceiling window, you can also create an illusion by mounting your drapes above the window frame. However, don’t let them touch the floor. You can tie them up or leave a few inches below. Doing so creates a horizontal effect that draws eyes upward.

Dark colored drapes may keep you out the bright early morning sun, however, the natural light expands the bedroom’s sense of space. So instead of putting dark colored drapes, opt for light colors as it allows natural light to enter. Paired with mirrors and a light colored walls, drapes help create a sense of space in your room.


It is quite challenging to design a small bedroom due to its limited space. However, this can be resolved by following the simple design rules.

Guide yourself through the ideas above. They can help you lessen the burden of a creating a bigger space in a small room.

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