The Affordable Bespoke Stonework


For the most part, stonework is not cheap. It’s not always incredibly expensive, but most stonework costs a lot of money overall. Furthermore, stonework costs even more money if it is bespoke. However, stone is the best material for constructing fireplaces. It is a great material to use because it lines a fireplace in a fireproof material. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you need a material that can withstand the heat and smoke from the fire, as well as the occasional stray spark. Furthermore, it needs to be fairly non porous so that ashes and soot do not mar the finish. That’s why wood and tile are not as popular for fireplaces. However, stonework doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive. In fact, bespoke stonework doesn’t have to be very expensive. If you choose the right service and the right stone, it can be very affordable.


Limestone is an incredible material to use in fireplaces. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is made from the shells and husks of marine animals that are compressed into stone over many years. That means that this is available pretty much anywhere that once had water, and most of the world is covered in limestone. In fact, limestone accounts for about 10% of all sedimentary rock in the world; it is widely available practically everywhere you go, which makes it an incredibly affordable rock. Also, since it is a sedimentary rock, it is easy to shape. Some other kinds of rock are very difficult to shape because they are so incredibly dense. Limestone is capable of being chipped, carved, and segmented fairly easily. A good builder can do this exactly to your specifications. That’s why bespoke limestone fireplaces are so affordable.

Bespoke Fireplaces

Most fireplaces you need will be bespoke fireplaces. They’re bespoke because no two fireplaces are exactly the same. The dimensions of the fireplace are going to be different in every house. Additionally, the amount of space around the fireplace will be different as well. Some fireplaces have a lot of space all around them for elaborate fireplace constructions and mantelpieces. Others have much less space, so you’ll need something that is simple and workable. Whatever the case may be, limestone is the perfect stone.

Limestone is perfect because it is fireproof. This type of material is also waterproof. Once it is sanded and finished, it is very easy to clean. It does not stain very easily, either. Finally, limestone does not heat up very quickly. With a furnace or a stove, you want the material to be something like iron, which heats up and holds onto that heat. For your fireplace, you want a stone that does not retain heat. You want it to insulate against the heat of the fireplace so that it’s not a danger to anyone walking by.

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