The Beginner’s Guide to Curtain Cleaning


Curtains are an essential furnishing for any home. Functionally, they help to reduce direct sunlight, provide privacy for the house’s inhabitants and block excess sound. Additionally, they are a great decorative item, providing a statement piece for your home. Yet, like any other furniture, they are prone to collecting dirt, dust and odors. Over time, they facilitate the growth of mildew, mold and dust mites. Hence, curtains require cleaning and maintenance.

Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves at a lost when it comes to maintain their curtains. Common questions include how to clean the curtains and how often it should be done. To lay these concerns to rest, we have written this article as a beginner’s guide to curtain cleaning.

To start, you should determine what type of curtains you have. For example, while lightweight curtains can be machine washed, curtains made from dedicate materials will need to be handwashed. For heavier curtains, they should be dry cleaned in other to avoid excessive drying periods. Ideally, you would be able to locate the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Once you have determine the different methods that your curtain can be cleaned with, you should create a rough schedule for maintenance. For weekly or bi-weekly regular maintenance, you may vacuum your curtains and use a soft brush to remove any dust or dirt. This should be a fairly hassle free process that can be incorporated into your weekly home cleaning.

Other than regular maintenance, you will need to decide if you wish to clean the curtains while they remain hanging or to remove them entirely.

To clean a hanging curtain, you would need to steam clean it in the following steps:

  • Start from the top and work your way down
  • Ensure that the curtain is not becoming damp. If dampness is apparent, hold the steamer further away from the curtain.

As mentioned before, this is great for thicker curtains as they won’t need a long duration to dry. Additionally, it is relatively more hassle free since you do not need to expend energy detaching your curtains. However, dry cleaning your curtain will not help to remove stains or dirt from the fabric.

For full immersion cleaning, you will have to remove the curtains before either hand washing or machine washing them. Regular detergent works fine, but soap specific for washing dedicates would be most effective. Generally, hand washing is used when there is a risk of the curtain shrinking post wash.

The regularity of maintenance depends on various factors such as the home’s inhabitants potential allergic reactions, the amount of dust in the area and if the house is located near the sea. If your environment has these conditions, then full immersion cleaning should be done at minimally half year intervals.

The process of removing large curtains, cleaning & drying them before hanging them back up can be a hassle filled process. This does not even take into account ensuring no damage from washing as well as removing any particular stains or infections. For your convenience, you should consider hiring a curtain cleaning Singapore company to help.

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