The benefits of bamboo floors for your Perth home.


Modern day home owners in Perth are always looking for the best flooring to suit their home, though, in the 21st Century, it doesn’t just come down to affordability, but also sustainability and of course, style. Today’s choice amongst a large number of people living in Perth is a Bamboo floor, being not only affordable, durable and stylish but a more environmentally friendly alternative to other flooring products.

Why choose bamboo flooring for your Perth home?

–    Value

One of the reasons bamboo flooring is increasing in popularity is due to its low price point compared to other floor products on the market. Bamboo itself is both a strong and renewable source of material meaning you can find it at very low prices across Perth.

–    Style

Though bamboo flooring is a cheaper alternative, it remains an extremely stylish wood that can be used in any home. Coming in an array of different finishes, bamboo can be used for many different types decoration, be it a rustic tone or even a fine glossy finish.

–    Installation

Using a simple interlocking system seen in many flooring products, installing bamboo floor in Perth is easy, making it possible for installation with any glue necessary. Though the installation should be carried out by a professional, an accurate installation will ensure the flooring will stay strong for years to come.

–    Insulation

Depending on your needs as a home owner, the bamboo floor can either be installed straight onto existing concrete or timber for a solid feel to the floor, or an insulation can be placed between the existing floor and the bamboo floor itself to create an acoustic barrier.

–    Sustainability

Thriving in Asia, the bamboo tree is harvestable every five years, making it one of the most sustainable wood products on the market. Compared to other wooden flooring products in Perth which are not only a higher price but also considerably harmful to the environment.

–    Maintenance

Bamboo as a plant is extremely resilient and strong, which is no different when used a flooring. It’s durability and strength create a flooring that will withstand time and need very little maintenance, usually requiring re-sanding every 10 years, depending on the home owner’s care. One bamboo flooring on the market place, Levande bamboo flooring, for example, comes with a lifetime structural warrantee.

Where to buy bamboo flooring for your Perth home

With bamboo floor becoming extremely popular amongst Perth home owners, retailers across Perth are offering a wide variety of bamboo products at extremely reasonable prices, with some price points lower than $50 per square metre! When choosing your bamboo floor, bare in mind what different types of bamboo flooring is available, where the bamboo has been harvested for sustainability reasons and of course the finish you are wanting for your home, then your best option is to contact your nearest retailer and arrange a quote for your home.

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