The Different Fuels for Traditional Stoves in Suffolk


East Anglia is one of the driest parts of the UK, which makes the weather generally very mild. However, since the air is so dry, it does not retain heat very well. This means that the temperature in the region can swing wildly depending on the time of day and the amount of wind coming off the water. So, if you live in East Anglia or one of the nearby counties, you need to make sure that you have a good source of heat for your home during the winter. One of the most common sources of heat is a traditional stove. The way to heat your home has changed and evolved rapidly over the years; however, one of the most reliable forms of heat has always been a stove.

Traditional Stove

A traditional stove from Opulence Stoves is fairly simple. It is an iron device in which you burn some kind of fuel. The burning fuel creates heat and the fumes from the stove rise up the flue. The smoke or fumes from the burning fuel rise out of the flue because of the chimney effect. The chimney effect works because the air outside of your house is more dense than the air inside. The warm air from the stove will rise out of your house and dissipate. In a place such as Suffolk, the heat from a traditional stove is very important. It’s great because it provides sustainable warmth and quick heating when the temperature swings wildly. You can light traditional stoves in Suffolk as the sun goes down and instantly have a warmer room. Some fuels are quicker to light than others.

Fuel Choices

There are a few different kinds of fuel. The most common choices for stoves are wood or multi-fuel. Wood-burning stoves tend to burn only hardwood or softwood. Many of them also burn wood pellets. Wood pellets are made from sawdust and chipped wood that is pressed into pellets under high pressure to create very dense fuel. Hardwood is the most common form of fuel for a wood-burning stove. Hardwood is dense; it is about twice as dense as softwood. This means that it doesn’t have as much air, though. If you want to create fast heat, you can burn softwood in your stove from Opulence Stoves.

Softwood will burn quickly, though; it burns hot and fast. It can be used to start a fire in your stove but hardwood is better fuel. Hardwood burns for a very long time. Alternately, you can use a different fuel such as natural gas. Natural gas has become one of the most popular fuels for use in stoves. It is popular because it is very quick to ignite, it burns clean, and it provides consistent heat. When you ignite natural gas, it starts heating your home instantly.

Iron Stoves

An iron stove is the best choice because cast iron tends to heat up and retain heat for a very long time. Iron stoves will heat your home very efficiently even after you extinguish the fire. After the fire dies, the stove will remain warm for hours.

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