The Importance of a Well-Maintained Chimney


You probably don’t think about your chimney very much. If you use your chimney, you might think about it from time to time, but do you know the last time you had any chimney work done? Chimney work is incredibly important for a couple of reasons. It will keep your chimney in good shape so that you can safely operate your fireplace and keep your house warm. It will also help you keep pests out of your house. A poorly maintained chimney is a real danger to your home.

Chimney Work

If you don’t have the proper chimney work done to your chimney, it could result in you having pests in your house.

  • Builders in West Yorkshire can inspect your chimney and determine if it’s in good shape.
  • Intentional punctures are one of the most common places where pests can get into your house; the chimney is likely the largest hole to the outside in your home.
  • If the chimney is not protected, insects can crawl into the chimney. Squirrels and rodents are the most common pests that get into your house through the chimney, along with birds.


You might also need to have the chimney lined. The creosote that is created as a result of partial combustion is acidic. When it heats up, it eats away at the mortar between bricks in your chimney. Over time, that will cause your chimney to begin to degrade. To avoid that from happening, you need to have the chimney cleaned and a liner inserted to protect against creosote buildup.

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