The Importance of Turfing


Once you add turf in a garden, you will find that its benefits are significant. Laying grass is not only affordable but that patch of green enhances your property’s value. Although adding sandstones or pavers is advantageous, the cost outlay for grass is lower. If you have a larger area to cover, grass is a better alternative cost-wise.

The Benefits of Laying Turf

Landscapers suggest adding turf for the following benefits.

  • As mentioned, turfing a lawn increases a property’s value. According to property experts, the value of a property can increase by as much as 20%.
  • A lawn acts as a filter, thereby removing the pollutants and dust in the air.
  • A green lawn does not reflect the sun so there are no problems with glare.

If you work with a Liss Landscaping company, the contractor can prepare your yard or garden so you can realise the aforementioned benefits. When it comes to laying turf, it is important to cultivate the soil and get rid of weeds. Cultivation is necessary to eliminate compaction.

Cultivating the Soil

When soil is compacted, the tiny areas between the particles of soil are removed. Cultivation opens up the space for water, plant roots, and air. Therefore, cultivation is necessary to prevent weeds from competing with the grass for light, water, and nutrients.

Laying the Turf

The process of turfing includes the following steps.

  • The turf is laid first. It is laid immediately to prevent the grass from drying.
  • The turf is watered after laying. Doing so settles any air pockets or lumps. Water should be applied each day for a week during the warmer months.

Once your turf is initially laid, mowing will begin after about three weeks.

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