The Items That Can Be Lifted By A Hoist



Lots of items that are too heavy to push can be winched off the ground instead. A strong base and a strong cable are absolutely vital to make sure that items are lifted properly. A high-quality hoist is going to guarantee several things:

1) The Security Of The Item Being Lifted

2) The Security Of The People At Ground-Level Near The Hoist

3) The Security Of People At The Location Where The Material Is Being Hoisted To

4) The Durability Of Both The Base Of The Hoisting Equipment And The Cable

5) The Resistance To Adverse Weather Conditions Of The Lifting Equipment

There are several items which can be hoisted successfully.

Building Tools

Building tools will need to be lifted upwards to the workmen who are already there. They may have forgotten a certain tool, or they may have discovered that they need a new tool because an old one is broken.

The builder will not have to climb down off the scaffold. Instead of struggling, Atlas winch hire is going to allow the workmen to lift the tools upwards with a flick of a switch on the machine. This could be something as heavy as a pneumatic drill or as light as a set of spanners.

Using a hoist in this way is going to make a builder’s job much easier and will ensure efficiency on the building site.

Building Material

Some building materials are going to be far too heavy for a builder to carry on their own. This means that a winch needs to be deployed as soon as possible. Heavy panes of glass can be hoisted upwards before they are fitted into the window frames of a building.


Cars that have been damaged in an accident may need to be hoisted onto the back of a recovery truck. This will ensure that the car is moved safely. The hoisting cable needs to be extremely strong because cars weigh upwards of one tonne. This is going to be much easier than trying to roll the car along so that it can go onto the back of a recovery truck.

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers can be hoisted upwards using a strong hoisting winch. Otherwise, it will be impossible for the containers to move. This example shows the versatility of hoisting winches. They are able to lift the smallest items to the heaviest without any difficulty at all.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles

When vehicles such as Lorries and diggers need to be moved after a breakdown, this cannot be done with a team of people. Instead, a winch can be used to hoist the vehicle upwards. The heavy-duty vehicle can then be placed on the back of a larger truck where it is taken away to be fixed.


A winching cable can lift a wide range of equipment and vehicles into the air. You should check the amount that can be lifted before you decide which kind of hoist that you would like to use.

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