The Items You May Wish to Dispose of in a Skip


Hiring a skip is the most versatile way to get rid of waste whether domestic or commercial. You will often find that you’re able to dispose of almost anything as long as you detail everything that is to be collected.

Sometimes, you may find that certain objects can cost a little more to have collected and some are prohibited altogether. So that you know what you’re dealing with, we’re going to outline the common items disposed of and highlight those which will need specialist treatment.

Organic Waste

Everything that is collected in a skip will be recycled further down the line. Rather than a way of just getting rid of the things you no longer need; waste disposal services are seen as the most environmentally friendly way to facilitate recycling. Because of this, waste management service providers have to be careful over what they collect for recycling.

Organic waste, which covers anything from wood to gardening waste is perfectly acceptable material for your average skip. We can also extend this term to include for building or construction waste as much of it can also be recycled.

Wood and Timber

You are likely to have wood lying around the home if you’ve just completed a refurbishment project that saw you erecting stud walls. You also might have just completed a new garden shed. If you feel as if you won’t have a use for these scrap bits of timber in the future, simply hire a skip for their collection.

Various Metals

Metal is another prime candidate for recycling. If you have just stripped out some old pipework from a property or happen to have some scrap metal lying around, every skip provider will be happy to take it off your hands.

This will also include old bicycles and wrought iron which would otherwise be somewhat of a hassle to dispose of.

Various Plastics

Plastic is another great material for disposing of in a skip. You might be surprised at just how much plastic we have within our homes, which means that you might find yourself filling up the skip you just hired much quicker than you thought.

All plastic can be recycled which is why a skip is a much better place for it than your general waste bin.

Prohibited Materials

As mentioned earlier, there will be some materials that require a specialist to dispose of.

  • Asbestos needs to be removed and disposed of by a specialist.
  • Tyres need to be disposed of by a specialist so try a car garage who will have the right contacts.
  • Florescent tubes which contain gasses are also not suitable for skips.

If in doubt, simply pick up the phone to your nearest waste recycling and management company. Worcester waste disposal can be handled by one of several companies who operate in and across Malvern and the surrounding areas. If you’re further afield, simply make use of the internet to find a company who can assist.

Hiring a skip is easier than it ever has been and will remove much of the hassle of moving house or having a large clear-out.

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