The Signs of Hidden Water Damage


There are more than a few noticeable signs that should indicate to a homeowner that the home has hidden water damage, and it is important that every homeowner take the time at least once every few months to go through the home to check for such signs. Not only will doing so help you to significantly reduce the chance of any serious or long lasting damage, but it can help you to call for water damage repair soon enough to keep costs at a minimum. Since water damage is rarely accounted for in a homeowner’s monthly budget, the chance to reduce the cost should significantly reduce stress throughout the process of having the damage repaired and the underlying source fixed.


If, when you walk through your home, you begin to notice an unpleasant odour lingering in the air, it could be that there is mould and mildew hidden somewhere nearby. Such an odour is the most common sign that you have stagnant water accumulating inside your home, allowing mould and bacteria to grow unchecked. Not only can this produce a musty, earthy smell, but it can weaken the structural integrity of your home and leave the health of those living inside the property in danger, thus making this odour a very serious sign of trouble.


Harrow is a location filled with many older homes, and home water damage repairs in Harrow are fairly common, if not dreaded, in many houses throughout the city. In some cases, mould and mildew are not noticed until they have begun growing in more obvious locations of the property, such as ceiling corners, the bathtub, and in the lower corners of many rooms. If you notice fuzzy discolouration in any areas of the house, such as tucked away corners of the kitchen, it is time to have a professional evaluate the threat of the mould and to have it removed quickly.


Mould can produce a number of by-products that will produce stains on the ceiling and walls, especially where there is water present. Mould will seep into wall voids and the space between levels of the property, and a stain is typically the indication that this has been growing for some time. If you notice staining on the ceiling or walls of even just one room of the house, you cannot fail to call for a removal company right away to keep those in the home safe and healthy, and it might be wise to evacuate the house until you are sure of the type of mould.

Peeling Paint

Finally, the fungus and mould growing on your walls can cause the paint adhered to them to peel off, leaving the wall bare underneath. Water saturates drywall and then mould causes this problem, and it is a very serious sign that you may have mould growing underneath the paint, likely in multiple places, and you need to have it removed. A professional can remove not only the obvious locations but help you to find others that might have missed your radar so that they do not continue to cause damage.

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