The Timeless Garage Door Style


In the UK, roller garage doors are growing in popularity. They are popular because they offer the kind of quick operation that many people are searching for, though they are fairly complex devices that can malfunction in many different ways. A roller door can also be expensive, especially if you don’t have one already. If you have an up and over door, your best option is probably to keep it that way. You can choose an up and over door in a number of different styles as well as operational capacities. There are two basic kinds of up and over doors: canopy doors and retractable doors.

Canopy and Retractable

Canopy and retractable are the two basic kinds of up and over garage doors in Wiltshire. A canopy door is called that because part of the door will still stick out when it is lifted. In this way, it will form something of a canopy sticking out from the house. In fact, many people like canopy doors because they can be used for this purpose. They can create temporary canopy space to offer shade or protection from the elements.

The other garage door option is a retractable door. The retractable door has a similar operational mechanism, but it also pulls backward so that the door disappears into the house when it is lifted. A retractable door is great if you want to completely lift the door and hide it away when it’s up. A retractable door is also appropriate for a large door. Due to the different mechanisms, the largest garage doors tend to be retractable.

Large Garage Doors

A canopy garage door lifts with a hinge at the top of the door. Whether it’s an automatic or a manual door, there is a spring at the top of it with cables on the side of the door. When you lift the door, the spring pulls on the cables to assist in lifting the door. However, this is not always possible for doors over three metres or so in width. If you need a door that is larger than that size, you’re going to need a retractable door.

Typically, retractable doors do not actually use any cables in their operation. Instead, they have a torsion spring in the top and lifting arms attached low on the sides. The lifting arms on the side pull the door up on metal runners. Since the mechanism is located on either side of the door instead of just on top and because it is lower down on the door, it can be used for much larger doors.

Retractable doors have become much more popular in the UK because they can be motorised more easily than canopy garage doors. Canopy doors can still be motorised, but it requires a little more work. A professional garage door installer can install a motorised door in just a few hours. If you need a new garage door or you need garage door repairs, you might not need to change to a roller garage door, as there are many up and over doors that offer great functionality.

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