Things to keep in mind while buying pedicure spa chair


Do you have a salon or pedicure spa centre or are planning to start a new pedicure spa business? If you belong to any one of the above then pedicure spa chairs are must to have equipment for you. You might be thinking what’s wrong with the pedicure tubs as they also work fine and this is exactly my point. They just work fine but not best and for that to happen you need JAUSA Inc Pedicure Chairs. Every business has its budget and every product has a range. Costly chairs are generally out of budget especially for newbie and the cheap ones are not recommended, so where to go? How to choose the perfect product?

Choosing a right pedicure chair is not a rough and tough job, you can easily choose one by keeping below stated points in mind while shopping.

Product quality: Before jumping straight to shopping gather some knowledge of what you need and what all type of chairs are available. No supplier is same so as their products. Check whether the chair is of stainless steel or of some other metal. The color of the chair matches the ambience of the spa centre or not as chair should not go off with the ambience. Some spa chairs come with their own basin which makes complex tasks easy. Through this you can maintain cleanliness to its most and also complete process becomes faster.

Real warranty: Do not forget to read all the exclusions given on the warranty card as manufacturers trick you in the name of warranty. What they do is, on the name of warranty they pen down different kinds of exclusions that ultimately makes the warranty card of no use. This is something where most buyers get tricked. So read complete warranty cards with all the points mentioned patiently so that you get the real warranty not the fake one.

Professional design: Pedicure spa with unique design makes your spa centre stand out from the rest. If you are good and unique then automatically people will come to you. One quality customer helps in making other customer. And ambience plays crucial role in giving overall therapy. Chair covers and their color should be chosen correctly like the color should perfectly go with interior, chair cover should be breathable as it provides more comfort, cover should be durable. If it is of leather then it should be high quality leather as they are soft and durable.

Customer support: Do check whether the manufacturer provides customer support or not. After buying the link between seller and buyer breaks and customer support team acts as a bridge between both. There are companies who have customer support number which never works. So, do a bit of background check whether the customer support is for real or not so that you can contact them whenever you feel need.

These were some of the things one should keep in mind before spending bundle of bucks on pedicure spa chairs.

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