Three Tips for Selecting Flooring for Your Home


When redoing the floors of your house, you will have many floor covering options from which to choose. While timber flooring is a popular option among homeowners, it often doesn’t hold up well if you have children or pets.

Timber flooring can be expensive, depending on the type of wood chosen, and there are many more economical options from which to pick. Here are three tips for choosing floor coverings for your home.

Select the Location for the Flooring

When choosing from flooring options, you need to consider where it will be installed. In the living areas, flooring should have a “wow” factor to impress your guests. However, if the living space is in a high-traffic area, such as the front entryway or the kitchen, the flooring you choose needs to be durable.

If you want to install carpet in your living areas, especially at the front entryway, place a welcome mat at the door on which to wipe feet before entering the house. Other good options for flooring would be laminate flooring if you want the look of a timber, slate, tile, or concrete floor.

For floors in bedrooms, especially children’s rooms, consider carpet, as you will want to avoid putting bare feet onto cold floors during cold weather. A carpeted floor will also help pad any falls that children may experience while playing in their rooms.

Green Flooring

If you’re concerned about how flooring is made and you want to choose from eco-friendly options, you should consider bamboo, recycled glass tiles or cork flooring. Bamboo wood is not only sustainable and it is easy to grow, but also very strong and beautiful.

Recycled glass tiles make for a beautiful flooring option as well and they help keep glass out of landfills. If you want flooring that absorbs sound and has a bit of a give to it, which can be good for a child’s room, then cork could be a good selection for your home.

Consider Your Budget

Even though your budget should never be the deciding factor when selecting materials for a home renovation project, it’s still an important consideration. Flooring options come at many different price points, depending on the material used and the quality of that material.

Shag carpeting will be priced differently than other types such as Berber or plush carpeting. The cost of floating timber flooring will depend on whether it is made from laminate or consists of real wood. Laminate flooring prices will also depend on the quality of the product and the quantity you buy.

Some laminate flooring looks cheaply made and can be easily distinguished from hardwood flooring. However, a good quality laminate, which is available in multiple wood tones, is difficult to tell from hardwood but is easy to clean and maintain.

Like other options in your home, flooring selections are personal and you should buy the type of flooring that you like. There are many options to choose from, but these tips can help you pick out the best flooring for your house based on cost, the room in which it will be installed, and environmental factors.

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