Three Ways to Update a Small Bathroom


One of the most common rooms to renovate in a house or flat is the bathroom. A small bathroom can be an inconvenience for a growing family but with the help of a contractor, it can be reconfigured or expanded to create more room. Here are three ways to update the bathroom in your house.

Replace Bathtub with Shower

Even though a hot bath can be relaxing, a bathtub in a small bathroom can take up too much space. Having builders in RG28 replace the bathtub with a shower can give you more room to add storage or install a larger vanity.

Install a Low-Flush Toilet

If you want to lower your water bill, you can replace your old toilet with a low-flush toilet. With improvements made in design, you no longer need to be concerned that low-flush toilets do not have the power to flush everything down. Fortunately, most low-flush toilets have the same flushing capabilities as regular toilets.

Exchange Vanity for Pedestals

Sometimes a vanity-style sink can take up too much room in a small bathroom. To make more room, have the vanity sink removed and replace it with a pedestal-style sink. To make up for any storage that is lost, install shelves to hold towels, toilet paper, or other supplies.

Installing additional lighting around the mirror can also make your small bathroom look larger. Making small changes to a bathroom can make a big difference because it can add space that you and your growing family need.


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