Ways to Refresh Your Interiors This Spring


With the days getting longer and the sun beginning to shine, it’s the perfect time to bring some new life to your interiors and refresh your home this spring.  Spring is a wonderful time to focus on your interiors, taking a look at different areas of the home that you’ve been wanting to change for ages but keep putting off. With so much new life and beauty outdoors, it’s time to reflect this in your own personal space and bring your interiors to life. 

Inject Colour and Pattern

One of the easiest ways to lighten your home and bring a new lease of life is through colour. By injecting some new colour into your interiors, you’ll instantly notice a lift in the overall atmosphere, making it feel warm and welcoming. Whether you add a core colour throughout, or you experiment with a number of colours in different areas to add character to space, you will notice a really positive change in the way your home feels. Similarly, you can have a little fun and introduce some pattern to your interiors too. From the curtains and blinds to the scatter cushions on the bed, there’s so much room for subtle pattern touches throughout your home’s décor, you just have to think outside the box. 

Let There Be Light

From natural light to artificial, having substantial lighting throughout your home is really beneficial. Dark spaces often feel cold and unwelcoming, so you want to ensure each room within your home has a good balance of both natural and artificial lighting. In order to let as much natural light as possible flow throughout your home, you need to ensure your windows are clean, without anything covering them fully, to let the sunshine through. For those wanting to add more artificial lighting to your home, take a look online at home fashion labels such as Buster + Punch to find stylish switches and dimmers to help you take control of the lighting levels in your home. 

Have a Spring-Clean

It may sound cliché but having a good spring-clean can be hugely beneficial. By de-cluttering and throwing away unwanted items that have accumulated throughout the winter months, you will notice much more space and freedom within the home. Start by throwing out any unwanted items that no longer have a home or a purpose, then move on to giving your home a good clean including the windows, doors and kitchen cabinets. Once you’re happy that your home is clean and tidy, freshen it up with some scented room sprays to maintain that fresh feel and bring a touch of spring into the house. 

Update Your Fabrics

Throughout the home, you’ll have a number of different fabrics that have started to become worn or tired. These items can result in your home looking dull and lifeless, so now is a great time to update your fabrics and bring something new to space. For example, your curtains may be in great condition, but it may be time to introduce something new to revive the area and add a little more character. The cushions on the sofa could possibly have a new cover, introducing something a little brighter or perhaps switching things up and introducing a new material altogether. The options are endless but introducing new fabrics to your home will really help to create a new, fresh feel that you’ll absolutely love. 

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