What exactly is defined by a Professional Lawn Mower


When it comes to what are known as professional lawnmowers, they are a kind of mowing machine that is much larger and more powerful than standard model lawnmowers. They need the power because they happened to powers several blades rather than just the one, and the deck is much broader than a standard one so as to cut larger swaths of lawn at the one time.

The professional lawnmower in practically every case features some kind of drive system, due to the mowers being rather large and somewhat heavy and slightly difficult to handle.

  • They also have a braking system which makes certain there is a high degree of safety it is being operated.

Some designs allow for the operator to sit down on the mower itself (You’ve all seen them!) and control it from a small seat mounted on top of the machine. And then there’s the modern remote lawnmower in Northern Ireland, which is today, proving itself to be popular.

Of Clutches, Gears, Brakes and Wheels

A number of professional lawnmower models are designed and built with a clutch and several gears to drive the machine. This is similar to any other vehicle with gears and helps to vary the speed at which the mower moves forward. In cases of smaller, narrower lawns, it will be necessary for the mower to move forward slower, whilst the larger lawns allow for faster speeds.

  • A good braking system is included also to slow the machine down when required, and especially when making turns.
  • The wheels of professional lawnmowers are usually wide and sport a good sturdy tread in order to help the mower up and down hills without any sliding.

Decks and Blades

What is known as the deck, or metal cover which protects the operator and anyone nearby from debris and hazards from the spinning blades below, is much wider than consumer models and has a number of blades mounted beneath.

Some of these lawnmower models may have up to five blades mounted beneath the deck for smooth and rapid cutting. The deck also safeguards the engine from and type of particles which may spring up by the spinning blades, and the powerful engine is normally a two-stroke which is strong enough to comfortably drive all of the blades.

And Matters of Seats

The seat is fitted over the engine and high above the deck, with the operator being able to control the speed and steering from all of the various controls at arm’s length around the seat. A number of seats happen to flip up to provide access to the engine compartment, and some seats are fitted with springs or other types of cushioning to improve the comfort of the machine whilst riding over rougher areas.

Most of these kinds of mowers are put to good used by professionals who cut peoples lawns every day, or by professional landscapers who have to mow large lawns quickly, such as at football pitches and golf courses.

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