What is Floor Insulation and how can it Benefit My Home


Floor insulation practically speaks for itself and is any type of insulation, which is fitted below a floor. Fitting floor installation will cut down on power bills, and help to make a home more efficient, and even contribute to a home’s longevity

And while it is not perfect for every type of setting, insulation in flooring will often make a big difference. There are and have been a number of differing materials used in floor insulation, including layered materials such as reflective aluminium foil to give heat back into a home, and nowadays the quality of insulation has gotten even better than ever.

History of Floor Installation

In the past, floors were never insulated due to the reasoning that heat rises, and people should focus on preventing heat loss through ceilings, walls and roofs which happens as hot air moves upwards inside of a home. But, heat loss via the flooring is certainly possible and especially when the area under the floor is not adequately climate controlled. So, a failure to insulate floors can certainly be partly responsible for higher power bills, due to heating systems having to work that much harder in keeping an area warm.

  • Floors are good contenders for any type of aluminium foil insulation and especially should the space beneath not be heated and happens to be fully vented.
  • Installing insulation between heated areas, such as for example between a basement and a house, does not really make much sense unless the people living there have concerns about control the noise.
  • If you insulate an inadequately vented space it can trap moisture in and below the flooring, which can then go on to damage the house.
  • The very same goes for if an area under the floor is wet; it will require being equipped with the correct type of drainage before the installation of floor insulation, otherwise moisture can become problematic.

Home Evaluation

Floor insulation can be pumped into some kinds of flooring, or as in most cases, manually installed, via the method of batting. There are different ways which can be used, all depending on the type of flooring and all you have to do is simply consult with insulation specialists and see what they have to say. A professional contractor can be asked to visit a home and assess exactly what type of insulation is required.

In addition, one thing to consider with regards to floor insulation is that while warm floors can certainly increase the comfort of a home, (and a better selling price should one see fit to move some time in the future) it will also increase the snugness of any room where it is fitted.

Locating excellent insulation is like many other things these days, just a few clicks away on a mouse. Simply put the word “floor insulation” into a search engine and check out the links. Within a very short while, your home can be fitted out with the perfect insulation!

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