What to Look For in a Scaffold Hire Company


Whatever you are building, you will require scaffolding, and a safe working platform is crucial to the successful completion of the project, and with tough deadlines to meet, you cannot afford to have gangs of tradesmen waiting for the scaffolding contractors to arrive. One of the main qualities to look for in a scaffold hire company is reliability, and with so many contractors out there, it can seem a bit daunting to make the right choice, and with that in mind, here are some useful tips when sourcing a scaffold hire company.

  • Adequate Resources – Ideally, the scaffolding contractor would service a large area, and having been in the business a good few years, they would have a solid reputation with the local building industry. With so many projects running at one time, the scaffolding hire company would need considerable resources, with an extensive inventory of modern scaffold equipment, and a fleet of trucks to handle the logistics.
  • Rapid Response – An established scaffold hire company could have the equipment in place with only a week’s notice, and with a dependable scaffolding partner, the builder can proceed with confidence, knowing the work can be carried out safely, and on time. Ideally, they would be able to have the structure in place with only seven days’ notice, and with considerable resources, the job will always be ready when it should.
  • Access to Modern Towers and Platforms – Scaffolding has undergone some drastic changes in recent years, moving away from the traditional steel poles and bulky connectors, and this means faster installation times, and with no compromise on strength, composite materials allow for lightweight structures that are easy to move. Towers have lockable wheels and stabilisers for maximum manoeuvrability, and interconnecting sections enable you to create a long walkway at most heights.
  • Strong Online Presence – The ideal scaffold hire company would have an easy to navigate website, and instant quotes would be available, along with simple booking forms that enable a customer to make contact. With a website that is mobile device compatible, the builder can actually receive a quote from their smartphone, which is ideal when pricing projects.
  • Dependability – Scaffolding simply has to be in place at the designated time, otherwise huge costs are incurred, and one of the biggest asset a small builder can have, is a dependable scaffold hire company that always delivers the goods. If the hire company is established and had a good reputation in the construction community, then you have an added sense of security, as they would not want to risk their good name, and would also have the resources to deal with any situation that might arise.

If you are a builder who resides in the UK, the Internet is the perfect tool to help you team up with a reliable scaffold hire company, and with their expertise, your projects will always be on schedule. If the scaffold company ticks all the above boxes, then you have made a wise decision that you won’t regret.


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