What Types Of Flat Roof Can Be Installed On A Property


There are many different types of flat roof which can be installed on a property, so you need to have an idea about which one is going to suit your house.

Every type of flat roof material has its own set of advantages.

The Types Of Flat Roof Which Can Be Installed

  • Fibreglass Roof
  • Felt Roof
  • Liquid Plastic Roof
  • Rubber Roof

Fibreglass Roof

Fibreglass is renowned for being a very tough material, which is going to be perfect as the material for your flat roof. The main advantage of the fibreglass is that it is completely resistant to fire and is not going to pose a risk if a fire happens to break out in the property.

This fibreglass roof is going to last for approximately twenty to twenty-five years before it has to be replaced with the same material. The re-installation process is going to be simple.

Felt Roof

A felt roof can be installed by roofer contractors in Leicester instead of a fibreglass roof. The main advantage of using felt on a flat roof is that it will be able to resist all different types of weather and it is not going to become damaged. This type of roof is going to last for between ten and fifteen years without developing any issues.

Liquid Plastic Roof

A liquid plastic roof can also be installed. This liquid plastic has many different advantages, but the main advantage is that it is easy to maintain. All that the roofing firm will do is to give the roof surface a jet wash on a regular basis. This is going to keep the roof in good working order.

The liquid plastic roof is going to last for between ten and twenty-five years.

Rubber Roof

Rubber is an extremely popular surface for a flat roof, and you should weigh this up as a possible option. This is a watertight option which is going to protect the interior of the house from rainwater. You will be grateful that this material has been placed on the roof, especially if you are caught up in the middle of a storm.

How Can The Flat Roof Be Repaired Properly?

You may already have a flat roof in place that needs to be repaired by a roofing firm. They can simply take up the section of material that is damaged and they are going to replace it completely. This new section of material is going to give the roof an added layer of protection.


Your flat roof can have a wide range of different materials put on top of it, so you should do some careful research about which one is going to be a perfect choice. Some people are going to favour liquid plastic whilst others are going to favour fibreglass.

All the materials have one important thing in common: they are designed to be long-lasting and will not need to be replaced for many years.

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