Why Installing Roller Shutters On Your Home Makes Sense


When it comes to your family in Australia, there really is nothing more important. We try every day to keep them safe from everything society has to throw at them, and we install many additional features in our homes for this very purpose. We get alarm systems put in, we get keypad entry systems and we install security cameras around our homes. We are always on the look out for additional measures to protect our homes and window roller shutters, do just that.

Effective Security.

For a burglar, getting past metal roller shutters to get into your home, is not something he is going to consider. Forcing open a standard window or door is acceptable, but having to push past or find a way to bypass your roller system, is a bridge too far. When you fit roller shutters to your windows, they are fitted really close to the window itself and so can’t be got past or pulled up, without a considerable amount of effort, never mind the amount of noise it is going to create. They work at keeping bad people out, but they also act as a visual deterrent for any would be opportunist burglar. They just take one look at your property and decide it is just not worth the effort or hassle, and move onto the next one.

Temperature Control.

In Perth, it has been getting increasingly hotter, than years before, and our homes are heating up more and more. Most of us put up a pair of curtains, thinking that this thin piece of material is going to keep the heat of the sun out of our homes. You couldn’t be more wrong and so you need to look for a more effective solution. That solution comes in the form of residential roller shutters in Perth, which help to keep almost seventy percent of the heat outside the building. In the cold months, they work the opposite way and keep the heat inside the house  to keep us warm.

Weather Protection.

Year on year, the weather here in Australia has been changing quite dramatically. We are now getting hotter Summers and colder Winters and our doors and windows are suffering, due to theses adverse weather conditions. If we experience any big storms that involve heavy rain and hailstones, then simply pulling down the shutters, gives us added protection that we never had before. When the wind increases during stormy weather, branches from trees break off and are caught up by the wind. A pane of glass won’t keep a branch from entering but a metal roller shutter just might.

Light Control.

You also get to control the amount of light that comes into your home. There are some of us who always have to work the night shift either on a full time basis or once a month. We therefore need to sleep during the day before work, but it is really difficult to nod off when it’s bright outside. Curtains help, but roller shutters provide us with complete darkness, that allows us to fall asleep quite easily.

Roller shutters have many more advantages and I have only listed some of them here. You really should consider installing them for the reasons I have listed above.

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