Why Plantation Shutters Are Ideal Window Treatments


If you are seeking a window treatment that is easy to maintain, stylish, and private, you may consider the use of shutters in your interior. Specifically, the plantation style of shutter is available in a number of bespoke finishes and can be designed to fit almost any kind of window. When you use shutters as window coverings, you control the amount of light in your home and also add to its sound insulation and overall comfort.

Light Control and Privacy

One of the major reasons that homeowners select shutters for their interiors is because they lend extra privacy and security. This can be exceptionally helpful if you live adjacent to a busy thoroughfare. The lower louvres of a shutter can be tilted open without disturbing your privacy. Therefore, you can enjoy light control whilst enhancing your security.

A More Peaceful and Comfortable Environment

When the louvres are closed on shutters, the window treatments offer an additional tier of sound insulation. Whilst the material of the shutter insulates your living space and keeps it warm during the wintertime, it also acts to keep out unwanted noise. As a result, you will enjoy a more peaceful and comfortable environment.

Do You Suffer From Allergies?

Plantation shutters in Oxford are well-revered for their kerb appeal and health benefits. Whilst dust tends to collect on the many books found in Oxford’s libraries, it does not do the same on shutters. In order to clean the coverings, you only need to wipe them over every now and then. That means your shutters will not become a breeding habitat for pests such as dust mites. Therefore, shutters are ideal for anyone who tends to suffer from allergies.

The Shutter Frame

Shutters, when they are fitted to your windows, become a dressing that enhances your home’s value and kerb appeal. In order to better understand the benefits of shutters, you need to learn about some of the parts. Installers from companies such as Interior Fashion Bespoke Curtains and Blinds can enlighten you as to some of the terms. For example, a shutter frame holds the shutter panel. The frame can fix to your window directly or within a recess in the wall.

Controlling the Slat Position

Top and bottom rails make up the panel and encapsulate the slats. In some instances, a middle rail may be featured. Slats tilt and rotate to control the levels of light. A central tilt rod controls the slat position. The rod, which is thin and vertical, affixes to the front slats.

Shutters Fitted to Your Requirements

If you choose to have your shutters installed by a company such as Interior Fashion Bespoke Curtains and Blinds, you can have shutters made up and fitted to your requirements. Shutters can be fitted for residences, offices, and trade establishments. Make sure that the company you select is fully insured to do this type of work and that all installers are fully trained. By selecting a company that is committed to providing the best window treatments, you can be assured that any shutter installation will be performed to your satisfaction.

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